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Yin and Yang (Products classification)

Published: 06.10.2017

Classification of products in terms of Yin and Yang (According to Lyublimskaya "Macrobiotics". Products are listed in the order from most “Yin” to most “Yang” depending on which element is stronger in them)

According to the concept of Yin and Yang everything should be considered in its integrity – nowadays it is called an integral approach. There is no sick stomach or sick kidneys for a Chinese doctor; he sees the whole organism in the integrity of its parts. A good doctor goes even further; knowing that a person is part of the surrounding world, he takes into consideration time of the year, climate, activeness of the elements and location of planets…

However, such perception of the world should probably not be definitive. The philosophy of Yin and Yang helps to achieve a very deep understanding of the world, but it is just one of many concepts, it is very advanced in some things, but quite limited in other ones. The healing methods based on a very extensive empiric base are undoubtedly effective, but similar or even better results can be achieved by using other means. However, for many patients a diet based on balance of Yin and Yang will be the most simple and effective treatment. But, to be honest, this “simplicity” is only available for true masters or people with very good intuition.

Anyway, if you do not start believing this knowledge blindly or denying it completely, you can always learn something new from it and as a result you will most likely become wiser.

Text: from the book A.Eddar “Treatise of nutrition”. Interpreter: Liza Dukhova


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