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Yin and Yang

Published: 04.10.2017

Yin and Yang are two opposite yet complementary forces, present in all the things. According to eastern, mostly ancient Chinese philosophy, everything in this world consists of yin and yang. These concepts appear always and everywhere, and they cannot exist without each other.

Yin represents everything passive, feminine nature – extension, cold, quietness, calmness. Yang stands for everything active, masculine –contraction, warmth, sound, action. G. Ohsawa describes how Yin and Yang are displayed in a following way, as shown in table.

There is no absolute Yin or absolute Yang, everything contains both of them. Yin and Yang are opposite just in relation to each other. One can only evaluate what is Yin and what is Yang by comparing them. Water, in comparison with lemonade, is strong in Yang, but in comparison with rice is strong in Yin. However, the equilibrium of Yin and Yang is often considered on a global scale, as something already existing in the nature (from the point of view of people). From this perspective separate cases are relatively independent.

As everything in this world, people are also divided into Yin type and Yang type.


Skin is yellowish and often too dry. Face is long, skinny and often pale. Expressionless eyes. Dilated pupils. Dark skin under eyes. Digestive organs are weak, appetite is irregular. Predisposition to stomach disorders. Feels weak after taking a hot bath. Women have an unstable menstrual cycle.

Prefers sour and sweet food, does not like salty food much. Starts feeling worse after drinking a lot of liquid, becomes passive and puffy. Cannot stand cigarette smoke. Prefers warm weather and climate. Has a weak expressionless voice. Speaks with short phrases, pauses a lot. Sleeps a lot and still feels tired. Takes long to recover after diseases.

Has a soft flabby belly. Can have cold areas around the navel. Navel can be a bit depressed. Irregular weak and slow heart rate. Can be hard to measure it. Inclined towards pessimism. Gets tired fast. Slowed-down reaction and movements. Strong allergy to medicines. Sometimes starts feeling worse after taking medicines. Gets bald with age.


Clean and smooth skin. Pink or reddish color of face. Rounded or squared face, often chubby. Wide jaw. Lively, expressive eyes. Constricted pupils. Bright skin around eyes.

Digestive organs work well. No problems with appetite. Inclined to constipation problems. Feels good after taking a hot bath. Likes meat and salty food. Prefers cold weather. Can smoke without damaging himself. Drinking a lot of liquid or alcohol does not cause obvious negative consequences. Strong and lively voice. Energetic manner of speaking. Elastic belly, can be fat or standing out. Areas around navel are equally warm. Deep navel.

Strong, rhythmic and smooth heartrate. Optimistic and energetic character. Active, hardworking, recovers fast after diseases. Moves a lot, reacts fast. Does not have any side effects after taking medicines. Hair becomes grey with age.

Text: from the book A.Eddar “Treatise of nutrition”. Interpreter: Liza Dukhova


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