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Ardha Chadrasana

Published: 15.05.2020
Hatha yoga Easy


Half Moon Pose 

The Technique

1. Take Tadasana.

2. Exhale, bend over and rest the fingers of your right hand on the floor in front of the right toe. 

3. Raise your straight left leg back and place your outstretched left hand with your palm on the thigh of your left leg. Keep the left leg parallel to the floor with the toe extended, and the right leg perpendicular to the floor. Use your right hand only to maintain balance. 

4. Expand the chest to the left, look up. The first time, until confident balancing in the pose has been achieved, it is not necessary to turn the head upwards, since this will lead to a loss of balance.

5. Hold the pose for up to 30 seconds, breathe evenly. 

6. Exhale, lower your left leg and return to Tadasana. Perform the pose to the other side.

The Effect

This asana develops a sense of balance, strengthens the legs, tones up the abdominal organs. Together with other standing postures, it helps with back pain. 


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