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Asana - Tadasana

Published: 01.05.2020
Hatha yoga Easy


The pose is as straight and steady as a mountain.


1. Stand up straight, heels and toes together, hands down or folded over the chest in the Indian namaste greeting.

2. Straighten your back, unfold your chest, slightly bringing your shoulder blades closer together, slightly tighten your stomach.

3. The head should be slightly raised so that the relaxed eyes look a bit above the horizontal.

4. Distribute body weight evenly on both feet so that both heels and socks are equally loaded. Breathing is normal.

5. If Tadasana is performed as an independent posture, then straight arms are raised above the head and connected with palms


Tadasana is the main standing position and most of standing asanas start with Tadasana and end with this pose.

It is necessary to learn how to stand correctly, without stooping, evenly distributing body weight on the soles. If a person is used to slouching, then it is difficult to withstand Tadasana even for a few minutes at first, since the muscles of the back have to experience an unusual load. In this case, in addition to the postures with the backbend of the spine, it is possible to recommend standing right against the wall for 15-20 minutes every day, so that the heels, back of the legs, buttocks, shoulder blades and the back of the head are pressed as tightly as possible against the wall.

Text: From the book of Ar Eddar "Principles of Hatha Yoga"


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