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Contrast Shower

Published: 22.12.2019
Exercise Medium


A person gets into the bath and pour with water at a pleasant temperature. Then it is made as hot as possible (of course, without scalding).

After 30-60-90 seconds, shut off the hot water and let only cold run. Having poured over the whole body (20-30 seconds or more), they again turn on the hottest water, pour over the whole body and, not basking for a long time, start up the cold. This time it is better to stand under a cold shower for longer (up to a minute or more).

Then again, not a very long hot shower and the final cold.
It is necessary to pour over all parts of the body, without stopping for a long time in one place. Just do three contrasts (transition from hot to cold). Finish always with cold water. Before cooling the whole body, it is advisable not to forget to moisten the face.

Here is a sample shower diagram:
1. Warm (so the body will get used to it)
2. Hot (yet feels nice)
3. Cold (20-30 or more seconds)
4. Hot (20-40 seconds)
5. Cold (up to a minute or more)
6. Hot (20-60 seconds)
7. Cold (yet feels nice)

As well as any new impact, one needs gradually get used to the contrast shower. For first 2 to 4 weeks take a comfortable shower daily (shower at a pleasant temperature). Then make only one contrast and not stand very long under cold water (5-10 seconds), after a week or two switch to two, and then three contrasts.

Sometimes at the beginning it is possible to reduce the temperature difference, that is, not pour the coldest and hottest water, but warm and cool. For the "buildup" of very sick organisms, it is advisable to do so. But having reached the sensation of a cold water, one must nevertheless make a sharp leap and go directly to ice water.

Not knowing this rule, many beginners “burn” themselves, trying to further lower the temperature gradually. They reach, say, 19-20 °C, and then, continuing hardening, begins to hurt. The secret here is simple. Water of this temperature already cools the body significantly, but it is not cold enough to “turn on” the dormant body defenses. A sharp short-term pouring of ice-water does not have time to take away much heat, but it has a powerful effect on the nervous system, triggers the thermoregulatory and immune mechanism.

Incidentally, the practice of training in winter swimming is based on this - the newcomer immediately plunges into the ice hole and pops out again with a speed of bullet. But winter swimming is a whole science, we will not touch on it here.

It is advisable to do a contrast shower at least once a day, in the morning, after gym exercises (but not after yoga complexes!). Although it is better to wash the body twice a day. Water renews a person’s energy, helps to remove other people's vibrations “clinging to” during the day, gives strength and peace. It is no accident that cold douche is prescribed for nervousness, sweating, neurodermatitis, etc.

With daily dousing, there is no need to wash often with soap. People with oily skin are recommended to use soap no more than once a week (except for washing hands and hair), and with dry skin - no more than once a month. Both skin and sebaceous glands and, accordingly, the whole body will benefit from this.

Text: from the book of Ar Eddar “Treatise of nutrition”


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