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For vision: Sun comtemplation

Published: 24.06.2017
Exercise Easy


Exercise is performed in the morning or evening, when the Sun touches the horizon, i.e., approximately in the intervals of half an hour after sunrise or half an hour before sunset. Yogis prefer the morning sun. You can’t look at the bright Sun during the day!


1. Take any stable posture, straighten your back and head.

2. Look at the sun.

3. Carefully peer into the centre of the sun, trying to reduce the field of view to the size of the solar disk. Eyes wide-open and relaxed without blinking.

4. When the feeling appears that tears are about to come out, close your eyes, keeping the mental trace of the Sun between the eyebrows. Eyes should be relaxed.

5. If you can’t look directly at the Sun, you should fix your gaze in space next to the Sun, gradually reducing the distance. With a short exposure, the exercise is best repeated several times.

6. Relax your eyes.

The Effect

Fixing the gaze on the Sun and on its reflection is very useful for the eyes. Yogis say that the eagle is the only bird that can look at the Sun, and systematic practice in viewing the Sun makes a person's vision similar to an eagle. In India, solar therapy is used for myopia, hyperopia (including senile), barley, trachoma, eye inflammation, astigmatism.

It is recommended to look at the Sun or its reflection from 1 to 3 times a week.

Text: From Ar Eddar's book “The Beginning of Hatha Yoga”


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