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Lateral abs muscles

Published: 01.02.2020
Exercise Medium



1. Bend legs in knees and turn legs to the right (or left) and hold the ball with them, raise your hands to the back of the head. Lift the body up with only shoulder blades, while the lower back remains on the floor, then lower ourselves to the floor. When performing the exercise, do not make brupt movements, the neck should be motionless.
2. Raise the legs, bent at the knees, first to the chin, but take aside to try to touch the shoulder. Hands during the exercise are behind the head.
3. The knees are bent, put the heel of the right foot on the knee of the left foot. Put the left hand on the back of the head, and the right hand - palm up near the thigh. Tightening the abdominal muscles, stretch the elbow of the left hand to the right knee.

Perform each exercise with 2-3 approaches, 10 repetitions in each direction. The number of repetitions should be increased gradually.


The oblique (lateral) muscles of the abdomen are strengthened, the internal organs of the abdominal cavity are massaged.

Text: from the book of Ar Eddar “The Beginning of Hatha Yoga”


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