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Buckwheat with carrot

Published: 20.03.2020
10 - 20 minutes


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Water 2 cup
Buckwheat 1 cup
Carrot 1 pc
Butter 1 tbsp


1. Buckwheat is measured in cups or glasses and poured into a saucepan. Then the kernel is poured with boiling water, measuring it out with the same cup or glass. Boiling water makes buckwheat porridge more crumbly, vitamins are slightly better preserved. For crumbly porridge, two volumes of water are taken for each volume of cereal.

2. Then put the pan on maximum heat and close the lid. When the water boils, the fire is reduced to the smallest. After 15-20 minutes, the fire is turned off. The porridge is ready, but it is better to leave it for another 10-15 minutes without opening the lid.

3. This rule is observed in all cases: the lid does not open even after the pot has been put on fire and until served. When the lid is constantly opened, stirred, and even more so evaporated, water is destroyed up to half of the available vitamins (and under optimal conditions, only 7-15 percent).

4. In porridge you can grate fresh carrots or beets. Grated vegetables can be added during cooking, then they will be in good harmony with the taste of porridge. You can also add fresh grated vegetables to the plate.

5. Put the porridge on a plate and, if you like - add a bit of butter

Enjoy your meal!


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