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This system based on old Indian concept Ayurveda. Our web-site provides recommendations on food recipes, exercises and articles about healthy lifestyle individually, and tracks the changes of the body accordingly using analytical tools.

For those who want  to change their lifestyle for the better,
CombineFood publishes: 

Hay Diet Recipes

We are what we eat. Food is the basis of our lives and one of the main components of healthy. We publish Hay diet recipes for a vigorous and active life. All recipes are made on the basis of compatibility of products, the recipes are described in detail and illustrated. We take into account all the preferences in food and share recipes into categories for seedy, vegetarians, vegans and raw-foodies.

Yoga and Fitness Exercises

Exercises and physical activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. On the web-site we publish articles about fitness and active lifestyle, running and body stretching, beginning of Hatha Yoga and other types of Yoga. These exercises will help individual to gain and maintain health. Every exercise well illustrated with pictures, description and most expected impact. Activities have different level of complexity, however healthy person can do even the hardest level, though it requires some trainings beforehand.  

Articles about Health and Nutrition

We publish articles and books about healthy lifestyle, Hay Diet (the Theory of the best food combinations for better nutrition), Ayurveda (alternative medicine and wellbeing), Yoga, meditation, necessity of physical exercises. We also touch topic about emotional and mental health, hygiene, body purification and cleaning procedures, body strengthening and more for a healthy and balanced life of an individual. 

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