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Welcome to the page of Your Personal program

Personal Programme will be set up individually based on your physical body parameters and preferences. It includes daily menu set, a list of recommended activities and exercises and articles to read about Hay Diet, Ayurveda, Yoga and all related books. You can see changes reflected on charts and graphs and place it into your calendar. We add publications and keep your Programme up to date - stay tuned!


Filling physical parameters

Measure body changes daily to make Program work for you 


Get recommendations

Menu of the day, exercises to do
 and articles to read  


Visible results

Analytics and results presented
 with charts and graphs

To purchase a personalized program

Physical parameters


Individual recommendations on diet and exercise

Personalized Program based on your physique and preference. It includes a daily menu, a list of exercise and physical activity, as well as articles on the Theory of Food combining, Yoga, Ayurveda, and books.


Visible results and Analytics