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When you should eat?

Published: 11.10.2017

The main criterion here should be your feeling of hunger. A queer feeling in the pit of the stomach is not real hunger. Most likely, it means that your stomach was overloaded and it got used to this condition, so after becoming a bit emptier, it calls for more food with its spasms. It is also true for those who eat in small portions, but frequently, as their stomach is functioning non-stop and it cannot stand emptiness. However, this is a necessity of the stomach and the overstimulated appetite center, but not of the whole body.

The body expresses the feeling of hunger in a different way. Just a thought about any food, even unattractive one, causes saliva secretion and it is not even the stomach that asks for food (though it might show some signs of hunger too), but your tongue.

Some people distinguish real hunger based on the feeling of weakness and chilliness. However, you need some experience to be able to recognize these signs of hunger and not mix them with similar ones, caused by different reasons. Moreover, healthy fit people might not even feel such weakness when they are hungry.

A reliable criteria can be a desire to eat, say, a piece of stale dark bread (you can imagine it in your head). Obviously, fans of stale bread should think of something else.

People with decreased gastric secretion might shake their heads and say: “No, this is not for us. We already lack appetite and have to stimulate it by different means. Bread by itself never causes any desire to eat it…” Yes, it does not, because they try to artificially cause appetite, but we are talking about hunger here. If you skip one meal or two, or even fast for a day, I assure you that a piece of bread will seem like heavenly food.

This might not happen if the organism is very intoxicated and the start of the purifying processes will involve all our systems in the process of fasting. In this case, you should not worry too much about it, just give yourself an enema and continue doing your things normally. The latest by the evening of the second day you will start feeling real hunger.

Hunger breaks stone walls, they say.

Text: from the book A.Eddar “Treatise of nutrition”. Interpreter: Liza Dukhova


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