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Rolling on heels

Published: 15.01.2020
Exercise Easy



1. Stand up straight and spread your legs as wide as possible. The inner edges of the feet should be pressed firmly to the floor.

2. Bend forward and rest your palms on the floor almost in the plane of the legs. Extend your legs even more.

3. Without bending the right leg in the knee, turn the foot with the toe away from you, leaning only on the heel so that the toe is facing up. The left foot remains pressed with the inner surface to the floor.

4. Returning the right foot to its original position, simultaneously turn on the left heel and raise the left toe. The legs should rotate in the hip joints.

5. Repeat rolls from 5 to 30 times (right and left - once).



Stretches the internal muscles of the legs and inguinal ligaments, increases the mobility of the hip joints. Exercise is an excellent preparation for the transition to splits.

Text: From the book of Ar Eddar “The Beginning of Hatha Yoga” 


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