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Pouring Water on Feet

Published: 21.12.2019
Exercise Easy


In the evening after work, or an hour before bedtime, you need to pour your feet (approximately to the middle of the lower leg) with the coldest tap water. You can use a shower or a bucket - anything that suits you. People with an high-strung nervous system who suffer from sleep disturbances react differently to late dousing (as well as walking barefoot or contrast shower, etc.). In some cases, strong evening effects are undesirable, but very often after a cold shake, those suffering from insomnia fall asleep, like babies.

After a week or two, the pouring will bring real pleasure, a person will feel that in this way he relieves fatigue, overwhelming, is reborn in some way.

Time is unlimited: 5, 10 seconds, 1 minute - depending on the feelings.

Text: from the book Ar Eddar "Treatise of nutrition"


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